Sunday, March 4, 2012

Winter Wonderland Getaway

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Another weekend has come and gone {why do they have to go so fast?} I had a great time relaxing in northern Wisconsin with my parents. As always, there was a lot of talking, playing cribbage, wine {and even some Jameson}, and my mom and I went cross-country skiing with our neighbors, Jennifer and Morgan. I used to cross-country ski all the time when I was younger {even participating in the Barnebirkie in Hayward, WI for many years} As great as the weekend was, it was even more wonderful to get back to Andrew and my life in the city. I love having a weekend getaway, but am always anxious to get back to my life in Minneapolis. Cuddling and movies to complete the weekend... 

skiing time :)
it snowed literally the entire weekend...but it sure looked pretty
zo zo wasn't digging all the snow
anyone seen Over the Hedge...? "Crazy Rabid Squirrel!" :)

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