Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Type of Mother {I think} I'll Be

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No, I'm not engaged or married yet {though it'll happen soon :)} but the topic of "mommy hood" has come up a lot in my posts. Why? Because being a mother is truly the ultimate goal I have for my life. I've always known even since I was a little girl that I wanted to be a care giver. It's instinctual. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about what will happen once a little one comes. What type of mother will I really be

Here are a few things I do know. I'll give my entire self to my children {almost to a fault}. Nothing will be more important than for me to protect, care, and love these little beings that are made from me. I will sacrifice whatever I can do make sure that my children have everything they ever dreamed of...selflessly giving my entire being to them. My sister-in-law {who I hope to be a lot like as a mother} quoted what type of mother she is...and believe I will be as well...
"I'm an attachment parenting/bed sharing/breastfeeding/make-your-own baby food/cloth diapering type of parent, and I absolutely love it!"
I also know I will be protective {don't mess with momma and her cub}. I already know by how protective I am of my dogs, that I'll have to work on easing up a bit {normally every year we go to Cabo over Christmas and my parents always watch them. Well this year my family planned to go to KS to visit my brother and his family. My mom had "asked" if she could leave the girls with the dog-sitter they were using and have used before. I panicked and got all nervous thinking they'd be left alone with a {gasp} stranger...and ultimately I think I made my mom feel bad (bad bad me) so she ended up taking them along on their road trip to KS} And these are DOGS we are ultimately talking about. Hence why I know I'll be crazily protective of my children.

I also know that I want {no need} to be a stay at home mom...well at least until they go to school. I don't judge in any way women who work and also have children, but it's just not for me. I remember when I started working full time after college, and how bad I felt about leaving my dogs {again why I know it'll get even worse when it's my children}. I was fortunate {and unfortunate...due to health issues} to have both my parents around all the time while growing up. I couldn't imagine leaving my children to go to work...I could miss out on so much!! I know how quickly children grow {from witnessing my nieces and nephew and my dear friend Amanda's daughter} and I can't imagine not being around for everything.

What I don't know {and tend to go back and forth on} is what type of mom I'll be when it comes to discipline. Will I be the stern mom that wants to instill lessons learned and in a sense be the "bad guy" sometimes. Or will I be the mom that can't say no to my children...and have to let daddy deal with it. I want to believe I'll be a little of both {hopefully}, because I already know I don't want to just be my children's best friends, but I also want them to know they can come to me for anything. I think it'll be a fine line between the two. 

Ultimately I'll have no way of knowing exactly what type of mommy I'll be until it happens. But I do know I'll be the absolutely best mother I can possibly be. I can't wait to meet my future children.

 {I hope you know I dream about you every day....}


  1. I love you with all my heart! I KNOW that you will be a wonderful and loving mother. Can't wait to meet your baby!!! (I'm just realizing I really want to be an auntie!)
    Once you stare into your baby's eyes everything around you starts to make sense and you suddenly know your place on this earth <3

  2. Awwww your comment made me tear up :) :)I love YOU with all my heart! And you'll be an auntie someday soon hopefully!!