Saturday, March 10, 2012

Unrealistic Wishes

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I got inspiration to do a post on unrealistic wishes from {Aunie Sauce}. We all have them in some shape or form. Some wishes may be possible, but not in this moment, while others are entirely impossible. Here are some of my unrealistic wishes...enjoy. 
I Wish

1. My dogs could talk sometimes. I'd love to hear what they'd have to say. But then again, what would they repeat if they could? Mmmmmm....

2. That money wasn't an issue...ever. Enough said.

3. I owned houses all around the world and could travel to them whenever I wanted. Greece, Paris, Ireland, Australia, Bora Bora, Bali....that would be simply delightful.

4. I could be paid to be a full time blogger. Pretty fun gig, wouldn't it?

5. I could be a mother right now. Obviously this is my "dreamer" part of me. Although I want to be a mother right now, it's not the right time realistically. A couple more years :)

6. That no matter what I ate, I didn't gain any weight. Again, enough said.

7. Discrimination didn't exist. That people were judged based on their character, rather than the color of their skin, sexual orientation and so on.

8. That I could witness a miracle everyday. Even if it was small miracles. Life would seem a lot more beautiful.

9. That I could sing really really good. I can carry a tune, but I'm talking Whitney Houston, Adele, Beyonce good. 

10. That I could take in any child and animal without a good home and care for them. No child or animal should ever feel neglected. It breaks my heart to witness such cruelty. 
"If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made from another world." C.S. Lewis

What are YOUR unrealistic expectations? :)

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