Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting

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things that have inspired me. . .

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birthdays, Concerts, Best Friends, Care Bears

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Not only did I just get engaged two weeks ago...
and if there wasn't enough excitement between the proposal, 
my fiance having surgery 10 hours after getting engaged...etc. etc. etc.
It was my 26th birthday last week,
my best friend and I went to a concert,
my (other) best friend visited from Colorado,
and it was Halloween weekend.


For my birthday, I just had my family and closest friends over to our condo for apps, wine, and food. I'm so blessed to have the people I have in my life...words cannot even describe it!
my fiance and parents :)
cake time!
I of course had to leave one candle lit for my fiance :)
my girls (wearing their Halloween costumes of course. Because...why not)

The next day, my best friend and I went to a Joshua Radin concert. Now, if you've never heard of him...stop reading this and go listen to his music! He's AMAZING! 

We went last year to see him, and were front row.
This year we found it more important to be able to be closer to the bar. Whoops.
This just had to be thrown in here...
and yes I'm that annoying woman who takes photos of her ring...
but I don't care. I'm a proud fiance!

Friday night, my other best friend, was visiting from Colorado.
Anytime I get to see her, my heart is just a little lighter. 
my sister/soul mate (yes I call my best friend my soul mate...because she is)
Great friends! :)

Saturday night was "Halloween night."
 And a group of my friends (8 to be exact)
 came up with the amazing idea to be....CARE BEARS! What a brilliant idea, right??

Cheer Bear, Daydraem Bear, Laugh-a-lot Bear, and Harmony Bear :)
We walked to bar dressed like this. YES...that happened.
Care Bears with Loofahs (they were great!!)
What a whirl-wind couple of weeks it has been!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Let the Wedding Planning Begin

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Now that we're engaged, we can officially begin planning our big day!
Now, if you know me at all, I'm a big planner and like to get things "done."

So of course, within just a week of being engaged:

  • we visited three wedding venues
  • set up a meeting with our videographer
  • been in contact with four different photographers
  • decided on our wedding party
  • picked our color schemes 
  • decided the theme for our wedding

Thankfully, my fiance agrees with everything thus far!
 (and has been pretty incredible and flexible despite having surgery almost two weeks ago)

Here's some inspiration I've found on {Pinterest} thus far. . .
We're going with a classic, yet modern theme... with perhaps some vintage details.

classic black & white
my fiance is jewish, and although we won't be having a traditional jewish wedding, we definitely want to add traditional elements...this is called a chuppah (prounounced "huppah") It essentially symbolizes the coming together of the bride and groom and the new home the couple will build together.
love the black and green details with white flowers.
i love the effortlessly chic look of this bride and groom.
baby's breath details.
black elements for the reception.
this is another jewish tradition, called the Horo (or chair dance) I'm pretty pumped for this,'s awesome.
I cannot wait to marry the love of my life,
and to soon become. . .
Mrs. Cathryn Ross

Friday, October 19, 2012

We're Engaged!

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What does four words, a ring, and a surgery have in common? 
Our engagement story!

*I've known Andrew was the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with for years, but leave it up to him for having the most memorable engagement story to add to our crazy beautiful journey!*

It all started Tuesday morning when Andrew asked me if I wanted to take the girls to Minnehaha Falls Dog Park. He explained to me how it was going to be one of the last beautiful fall day’s in Minnesota and that we should take advantage of it. Ironically, I was having a not so good week and so I grumpily said sure.

So, after work we grabbed the girls and headed to the dog park
Andrew was right; it was an absolutely gorgeous fall day! 

Before I had any clue what was about to happen...
About half way through our walk, I was ahead of him, when he said, “Cathryn…” 
I turned around to see Andrew on one knee. *From that point on, it's a blur and a bit surreal*
From what I remember, Andrew said something along the lines of how much he loves me…that I’m the love of his life…that we can make it through anything…and that he wants to spend the rest of my life with me. I remember saying, “Is this REALLY happening?” And then he uttered those four perfect words,

“Will you marry me?”

At this point, I was crying and completely speechless. From what Andrew tells me, there was about a 10 second pause…when he finally goes, “You have to say yes or no babe!” After shaking, laughing, and crying… I of course said,“YES!” *like he had anything to worry about!*

I then looked down at my left finger and saw this beautiful, perfect ring staring back at me. I've always thought that it’s really not about the ring, but more of the symbolic meaning behind it…solidifying the fact that two people are committing the rest of their lives together. But WOW! My fiancé did good!
 It’s classic, yet modern. Which is pretty much me in a nutshell.

As we walked back through the dog park, I was in shock still. I kept staring at my brand new fiancé, and kept laughing and crying. I do remember saying to the girls,
“Your daddy finally made it official…you’re no longer bastard children!” haha

We got in the car and Andrew said we should call my parents. I knew my parents were going to freak out, because they've been waiting for this moment forever. Andrew then proceeded to tell me that he actually talked to my dad earlier that day to ask for his permission to marry his daughter. 
*insert more tears on my end* 

So although my parents knew it was most likely going to happen later that day, that didn't stop them from being completely overjoyed with excitement! When I hung up the phone…I'm pretty sure I heard my mom just start screaming with joy! We then proceeded to call the rest of our family and friends to tell them the perfect news! His mother and sister were the two that really brought happy tears to my eyes… his mom told me how from the moment I walked into their kitchen the first time I met them (nearly 7 years ago) she knew I would someday become Andrew’s wife....and how his sister kept telling me through her tears, that I love her brother more than she could ever ask for and how perfect we are was like a dream.

*Funny side note: So before we went to the dog park (when I had no clue what was about to happen) we talked about how we needed to do a Target run…you know, to get fun stuff…like deodorant and socks. So we drove to Target while talking to everyone and sat in the Target parking lot for nearly 45 minutes while we finished our calls. We then proceeded to go into Target, while I couldn't stop laughing and staring at my ring…and taking pictures in the Target aisles. Totally normal, right?*

THAT happened.
The night ended with a couple of celebratory drinks with (most) of our closest friends! It was the most overwhelming and perfect day! As Andrew had put it before to me...

"I want the day we get engaged to be the third best day of your life. The second being when we get married and the first being when we have children." Well babe, you’re on the right track!


The story doesn't end there. The night ended and we went home to cuddle up with our girls. Around 4:30AM though…I was awoken by my new fiancé complaining of lower right stomach pain. Now, if you know Andrew, he’s a bit of a Hypochondriac…always worried something is worse than it really is, so I didn't think anything of it. But about 20 minutes later, he tells me that he really thinks we should go to the hospital. So off we go to the ER at 5AM.

 Andrew suspected that it could be appendicitis, as the pain was coming from exactly where the appendix is. The hospital ordered a CT Scan and some blood work…and then we waited…and waited. 
The whole time we were laughing and being like “Really? Are we really in the ER only 10 hours after getting engaged?” We would laugh and tell all the nurses and doctors the big news that had just happened. They all found it highly entertaining needless to say!

Before we got the bad news.
Well, fast forward over four hours later, we find out…Andrew has appendicitis and needs to have surgery that afternoon.  What a punch to the gut. I felt horrible for Andrew who did NOT like the sound of surgery. I just wanted to be able to celebrate our engagement and not have to deal with the stress of surgery and everything that went along with it.

Thankfully the surgery went perfectly and he was in recovery by that night. And although ending up in the hospital for appendicitis is not ideal for anyone (let alone the day after getting engaged) that’s what love and family is all about. Being there through the ups AND downs.

We obviously didn't have a chance to announce our engagement on Facebook, but the morning after Andrew's surgery (2 days after we got engaged) Andrew surprised me by posting this. My fiance' is the sweetest! :)
Now that all the craziness is over, and once my fiancé heals, I can’t WAIT to start planning our big day!
I’m so blessed and excited to be marrying the love of my life! 

The future Mr. and Mrs. Ross!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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be confident
be strong
be kind
be YOU

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Throw Back Thursdays

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For those of you who are as obsessed with Instagram as I am,
has already heard of Throw Back Thursdays....
or rather #throwbackthursdays.

So I thought it would be fun to start my own version of it on my blog.
I don't know if I'll do it every Thursday, but thought I'd give it a try this week.

This week I thought I'd do a doggy edition to start off my Throw Back Thursdays...
(because if you follow my know I'm ridiculously obsessed with my pups!)

Bella (my first born) as a pup! I named her Bella because it means beautiful in Italian ...
and she really was the SWEETEST little thing ever! (okay...and still is :) )

Baby Zoë...this is the first photo I ever saw of her. 
I knew she was meant to be Bella's sister when Andrew and I drove nearly five hours 
(almost to Missouri from Minnesota) to get her. She's my baby!

Typical Zo Zo...even as a pup she was silly!
I love this photo of them :)
Bella just hanging on her sister...they don't love each other or anything :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Love Language

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I think it's exceedingly important to
know how you need love expressed to you because this allows 
open dialogue and understanding to occur between 
you and your significant other.

So the other day I decided to take a test to learn what 
my love language was. 

Although Words of Affirmation and Quality Time were high on
my language love score, my highest score was... 

Physical Touch

This language isn't all about the bedroom. A person whose primary language is Physical Touch is, not surprisingly, very touchy. Hugs, pats on the back, holding hands, and thoughtful touches on the arm, shoulder, or face--they can all be ways to show excitement, concern, care, and love. Physical presence and accessibility are crucial, while neglect or abuse can be unforgivable and destructive.

I wasn't very surprised that my top love language was physical touch,  because I've always been an extremely affectionate and loving person towards significant others. With Andrew, I always want to be within near contact of him (when I'm with him that is). I don't know how to explain it...but it's as if I gravitate towards him without even knowing it. Even if we aren't in "physical" contact, I'm always aware of where he is. And thankfully, Andrew succeeds beyond my expectations regarding expressing love through physical touch. He's extremely affectionate towards me always! He loves holding my hand, putting his arm around me, giving me quick but sweet kisses...even if we're just lying on the couch (with the girls between us) periodically we just reach over to grab each other's hands or cuddle for a bit...just those random, small moments that makes me know he loves me.

Find out what YOUR love language is here . . .

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Update

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Per usual, the weekend flew by!
Despite the cooler temperatures outside, 
that didn't stop me from taking full advantage before winter hits.

This weekend was a mix of relaxation and friend time.
I did absolutely nothing on Friday night (which was much needed)

Then Saturday day, Andrew, his best friend, and I went to this awesome dog park
 at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis.

Andrew and Dave + our little ones + his huskey + his gf's pup. They were happy pups!
so beautiful during the fall there!
us with the four fur babies :)

Saturday night, I hung out with some amazing friends, 
enjoyed a delicious meal cooked in their new crock pot they got as a wedding present.
played ridiculously hilarious games...
it was a fun time (no photos of this night...opps)

Then on Sunday we did a big tailgating party for the Vikings game.
We played bean bags, grilled lots of food, had a bloody bar, jammed out to awesome tunes...
It was a pretty sweet day!
(And It's great for us because we live just across the street from the stadium
so we can just walk to where all the tailgating takes place.)

A good friend, Kassie, and me :)
Another awesome friend, Jen.
Part of the gang! :)