Monday, October 1, 2012

As Of Late {Instagram Style}

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This past weekend was the first completely free weekend I've had in quite awhile...
I had planned to be the laziest person I could possibly be and just revel in doing absolutely 
But that obviously didn't happen.
 {if you know me you know it's hard for me to sit still for long.}

It ended up being quite the busy weekend!

On Friday night, Andrew and I got invited to the MN Twins game 
with his best friend and his girlfriend. It was such a beautiful fall night!

Saturday, Andrew's aunt was visiting from Colorado, so Andrew's mom and aunt came to Minneapolis to walk around the city.  
i absolutely LOVE fall.
a view of Downtown Minneapolis. I love my city!
andrew and bell strolling across the bridge.
my family :)

Then on Sunday we went to Andrew's friend's parents house to watch the MN Vikings play.
his parents backyard is sick!
grilling time!
there was a total of 5 dogs there! zo zo got tuckered out and passed out on her daddy's lap :)
after the game, we headed out to andrew's parent's house for dinner with his grandparents and aunt. i love their backyard :)

Now back to tackle yet another week! 
Bring it on! 

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