Friday, October 5, 2012

Fridays Letters

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Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dear Mr. Ross (aka my man), I love you forever, but if you leave another god damn towel on the bathroom floor I may lose my shit. Dear my newly married best friends, I'm still daydreaming about your amazing weddings and wish we could relive it all over again. It makes my heart smile knowing you two are so happy! Dear Mother Nature, it would have been really nice of you to give us more than just a few weeks of Fall. Dear Bella and Zoë, just keep doing what you're doing. Being awesome. Being adorably sweet. Being hilarious. Being the greatest doggy children anyone could ask for (no, I'm not biased, it's a fact.) Dear Marshalls, thanks for satisfying some of my home decor desires. A mail and bills organizer, new Fall candles, and a jewelry just makes me happy. Dear Mr. Ross, okay, despite your inability to hang up towels and your many other traits that drive me crazy, I'm so blessed to spend my life with you! 


  1. You had me laughing at the first sentence, but I'm sure your husband will be happy that you made it up to him at the end. Happy Friday

  2. Love that photo!! Our trees are just starting to change here in Oregon. Happy Weekend to you! Oh, and I hope your husband starts hanging up his towels... for your sake and his. ;-)