Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birthdays, Concerts, Best Friends, Care Bears

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Not only did I just get engaged two weeks ago...
and if there wasn't enough excitement between the proposal, 
my fiance having surgery 10 hours after getting engaged...etc. etc. etc.
It was my 26th birthday last week,
my best friend and I went to a concert,
my (other) best friend visited from Colorado,
and it was Halloween weekend.


For my birthday, I just had my family and closest friends over to our condo for apps, wine, and food. I'm so blessed to have the people I have in my life...words cannot even describe it!
my fiance and parents :)
cake time!
I of course had to leave one candle lit for my fiance :)
my girls (wearing their Halloween costumes of course. Because...why not)

The next day, my best friend and I went to a Joshua Radin concert. Now, if you've never heard of him...stop reading this and go listen to his music! He's AMAZING! 

We went last year to see him, and were front row.
This year we found it more important to be able to be closer to the bar. Whoops.
This just had to be thrown in here...
and yes I'm that annoying woman who takes photos of her ring...
but I don't care. I'm a proud fiance!

Friday night, my other best friend, was visiting from Colorado.
Anytime I get to see her, my heart is just a little lighter. 
my sister/soul mate (yes I call my best friend my soul mate...because she is)
Great friends! :)

Saturday night was "Halloween night."
 And a group of my friends (8 to be exact)
 came up with the amazing idea to be....CARE BEARS! What a brilliant idea, right??

Cheer Bear, Daydraem Bear, Laugh-a-lot Bear, and Harmony Bear :)
We walked to bar dressed like this. YES...that happened.
Care Bears with Loofahs (they were great!!)
What a whirl-wind couple of weeks it has been!


  1. Wow sounds like a great time! I take pictures of my promise ring all the time lmao so I can't imagine once it is a real engagement ring!! lol
    The carebear Idea is pretty amazing!

    xoxo Yesi

  2. It was!! And, yes! Be prepared to take many photos of it!! :)