Wednesday, August 22, 2012

7 Questions {Linky Party}

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I'm baaaaack!!
and participating in 7 Questions of course!

My funny photo consists of my pup Bella, who is the comedian of the family. She is seriously human. She cracks me up every day with her awesomely awkward and hilarious faces and poses!

So, now to 7 Questions...

1. Bold or Understated?
It really depends on what we're talking about here. Fashionably speaking, I think I'm a mix of both. I love wearing bold and over-the-top outfits that make people stop and think, but at the same time, I'm all about the classic look. So, I'm sticking with both!

2. You have to survive alone in the wild and you only get to take one thing with you. Your choices are: A pocket knife, a water bottle, or a book. Which do you choose and why?
A pocket knife, because hopefully I can find myself water...and the knife will definitely come in handy for multiple reasons {I have watched Man Vs. Wild on the Discovery channel, duh}

3. Thirty two cows, seven eight chickens, how many didn't?
I have NO idea what the hell this

4. Would you rather die doing one legendary act of service or do small acts of kindness that may go unnoticed every day?
100% small acts of kindness. It's all about the little things, right?

5. Happiness is ________. (one word; fill in the blank)
simplicity {it was the first word that came to mind}

6. Can you laugh without smiling?
Uh, sure...can't everyone? But I'm assuming I look super creepy.

7. Do you pop your knuckles?
Yes, all the time. In fact, I just did...

Well, that's all folks! 
I think you should join in..
because, well...
it's super fun! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sin City {Bachelorette Edition}

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I mentioned last week that I was heading to Vegas for my best friend's Bachelorette party over the weekend... {note: I have two best friend's getting married back to back weekends in September...and I'm the maid of honor in don't be confused by how many bridal/bachelorette parties I seem to be attending! :)} 

I've been to Vegas one time before {last year for a good friend's Bachelorette party} but this year we tried to tackle TWO days and THREE nights. #fail {at least on my end} I made all but one night on Friday where I slept off a horrible hangover. It's Vegas though, right? 

shopping spree prior to Vegas. Whoops. I think it was well spent though, right? {maybe?}
We enjoyed a delicious dinner our first night we were there and then enjoyed some cocktails.
Could the bachelorette be anymore gorgeous? :)
Elevator pic with the whole gang :)
beautiful people!
Pool party time at Liquid at Aria!
Free day bed with our very own butler? SURE!
Wet Republic=CHAOS!
Prince Harry was hanging out at Wet Republic.
As was Jennifer Lopez...
Last night out!
My best friend/the bachelorette! I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART! I'm a very proud MOH! :)
Tao Nightclub for our last night. It was insanity!
A view from Tao.

As you may suspect, I'm hurting...still.
I've come to realize/accept that my body doesn't bounce back as quickly as it once was. 
Other than making it through work today, I've been taking it quite easy...
snuggling with my little family.

I missed them quite terribly! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday

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Here's some words of wisdom that resonated with me lately.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As of Late

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My blogging has taken a back seat to the chaos of these next couple of months. Both my best friend's are getting married back-to-back weekends {September 15th and September 22nd} so there's been a lot going on! Bridal showers, Bachelorette parties, a trip to Vegas and Miami, and then the big wedding day's when they both go from Miss to Mrs! It will be one incredible, joyous, and emotional journey!

Other than wedding plans, here's what I've been up to as of late {through photos of course..}

Some iPhone pics of my best friend's Minneapolis Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party. She's the hottie next to me in the upper left pic! We're heading to VEGAS this weekend for her real Bachelorette party. {more photos to come of the Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party}
My brother, sister-in-law and my niece and nephew came to Minneapolis because my brother had a possible job opportunity. My niece, Isabella...isn't she to DIE for?? :)
My nephew, Ethan, drew a pic of me. JUST love him!
Andrew was home for the first weekend in 3 needless to say we spent a lot of time with our girls :)
Been having fun with my nails recently!
my most recent Vegas purchase!


Trust Your Instincts

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Before you look to blame another, look within yourself,
 for at some point you have not listened to your own instincts.

Too often we forget to trust our own instincts...ignoring what we know is right...while blaming another for our unhappiness. Everyone has instincts, but not everyone listens to them.

When things aren't going right in life, it's easiest to place blame on someone else, instead of looking within ourselves as to why we are unsatisified. I think we're scared to listen to our own instincts, because the answer may not be what we want, but it's what's right nonetheless.

So, do yourself a favor,
stop and take a minute to listen to what's deep inside...
because even though you may not be able to logically understand it,
you know more than you could ever realize.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bellini Bar

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I've been very absent on here recently. 
No excuses other than life has gotten in the way...
But that's life after all.

Last weekend was my best friend's Bridal Shower {more on that later}
and I made a Bellini Bar for her celebration.
It was the first time ever attempting the recipe,
 but I think everyone enjoyed them!

For this Bellini Bar, I used frozen blueberries, strawberries, and peaches...Target brand obviously.
You'll need 2 cups of sugar.. 
Boil the 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup water until sugar is completely dissolved. This turns into sugar syrup...
If you want to do a peach puree, you'll want to add 1 teaspoon of grated orange peel.
Now it's time to blend the frozen fruit with the simple syrup. {Follow the instructions from the above link for the right measurements.}
Final results {peach, strawberry, and blueberry purees...} Then just scoop a couple spoonfuls of whichever flavor you want in the bottom of a champagne flute. Then fill up with champagne...
and you are
Now it's YOUR turn...
You and your guests will LOVE it!

{There's a lot of other recipes out there that I'm definitely going to try out soon!} 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting

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Although I'm a day late...I thought I'd share some of my latest {Pinterest} inspirations....

her hair is gorgeous
love the idea of embellishments on a shirt
a dream of mine
lusting over this wedding dress
wedding love
simple, crisp, clean flowers
love this look
next sunglasses purchase
hair, outfit, beach. perfect.
dreaming of being a mommy
i'm in love with this
tattoo placement inspiration
i want this for our home