Wednesday, August 1, 2012

7 Questions Linky Party

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{Gentri Lee} is back again with 7 Questions!

Here's my funny photo:
Although this photo is obviously not of me, I couldn't resist sharing this! Last  Friday Bella woke up with her lip stuck like this...I almost peed myself!!

1. It's the first day of August - Are you savoring the summer or ready to jump into fall?
Tough question, because I love summer...yes I even don't really mind the heat. But I also love fall, the leaves changing colors, the smell in the air...and this year it just so happens that my two best friend's are getting married in September! Lots of exciting stuff going on over the next two months now! :)

2. You need a quick and healthy meal, what do you make?

Couscous with tofu and either nori or asparagus - super easy, healthy, and delicious!
{adding a little low sodium soy sauce adds a little more flavor to the meal :)}


Caprese Salad - grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and a little olive oil and pepper. So good!
 {I made this salad with Andrew's grandma's fresh basil...even better!}

3. You're at a mall, how do you shop? 
I used to take my time shopping, which partly had to do with me growing up with the closest {good} mall being an hour and a half away. But now that I can go to the mall anytime I want, I usually go with a specific purpose in mind. I already feel like that old person who thinks malls are over-crowded and too noisy. {ha!}

4. Would you rather buy a new house or renovate an old one?
100% buy a new house! But not for the reasons people may think. I grew up in the same house for 18 years of my life and then when I moved to Minnesota {from Wisconsin} I've moved a total of 7 times...ugh! And I've lived in places anywhere from being completely ghetto with a crack house across the street to the brand new condo I'm living in now. And what I've realized from all the different places I've lived is that some places I felt extremely safe in {regardless of how "unsafe" the neighborhood may have been} and others I felt completely unsafe. I believe in "vibes" and energy from homes..of the people who previously lived there. Some good...some bad. Moral of the story is, if the place is brand new...then no one else could have lived there...therefore I'll know full well that there won't be any bad energy in my home.  

5. Long hair or short hair?
LONG...obviously. Always have...always will.

6. Who is your oldest (not by age) friend?
My best friend in the entire world, Samantha! We've been best friend's since the age of we're going on our 20th anniversary! She's truly the most remarkable individual I've ever known and I'm so blessed to have known her nearly my entire life! I have no doubt that we'll be friends forever!

What is your favorite blog - currently?
I'm definitely guilty of not reading a lot of blogs religiously...but one blog I recently stumbled upon that I love is {Love Chugs}. Weslie's writing is so honest and she has literally the most adorable family ever!!

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It's fun I promise!

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  1. Um, we'd all say long hair if it could be as perfect as yours. Haha! Seriously, so pretty