Thirty Before Thirty

Pin It 1. Travel to Europe
2. Go skydiving
3. Pretend I'm a runner and run in a race (Get Lucky Twin Cities 7K)
4. Take a dance class
5. Do a 5 day detox cleanse (I've done three '3 day cleanses' thus far)
6. Get married
7. Go Zip-lining
8. Take a trip by myself
9. Have at least one child
10. Take a cooking class
11. Buy a new car
12. Get a yoga membership for a year and stick with it
13. Learn how to medidate (correctly)
14. Go skiing out west with friends
15. Go bungee jumping
16. Sell/rent the condo and buy a house
17. Take a photography class
18. Do a boot camp 
19. Sell a $10,000 deal or more at my job
20. Take a Judaism class
21. Be a Maid of Honor
22. Be a Godparent
23. Volunteer for a kids organization
24. Foster a dog
25. Drive around one day giving out meals to homeless people
26. Go to an outdoor musical festival
27. Take a road trip with friends
28. Go Vegetarian for 30 days
29. Find a spiritual guide
30. Be happy

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