Monday, August 20, 2012

Sin City {Bachelorette Edition}

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I mentioned last week that I was heading to Vegas for my best friend's Bachelorette party over the weekend... {note: I have two best friend's getting married back to back weekends in September...and I'm the maid of honor in don't be confused by how many bridal/bachelorette parties I seem to be attending! :)} 

I've been to Vegas one time before {last year for a good friend's Bachelorette party} but this year we tried to tackle TWO days and THREE nights. #fail {at least on my end} I made all but one night on Friday where I slept off a horrible hangover. It's Vegas though, right? 

shopping spree prior to Vegas. Whoops. I think it was well spent though, right? {maybe?}
We enjoyed a delicious dinner our first night we were there and then enjoyed some cocktails.
Could the bachelorette be anymore gorgeous? :)
Elevator pic with the whole gang :)
beautiful people!
Pool party time at Liquid at Aria!
Free day bed with our very own butler? SURE!
Wet Republic=CHAOS!
Prince Harry was hanging out at Wet Republic.
As was Jennifer Lopez...
Last night out!
My best friend/the bachelorette! I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART! I'm a very proud MOH! :)
Tao Nightclub for our last night. It was insanity!
A view from Tao.

As you may suspect, I'm hurting...still.
I've come to realize/accept that my body doesn't bounce back as quickly as it once was. 
Other than making it through work today, I've been taking it quite easy...
snuggling with my little family.

I missed them quite terribly! 

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  1. Looks like you had a really nice time!! Altho, who doesn't go to Vegas and not have a great time!