Monday, October 29, 2012

Let the Wedding Planning Begin

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Now that we're engaged, we can officially begin planning our big day!
Now, if you know me at all, I'm a big planner and like to get things "done."

So of course, within just a week of being engaged:

  • we visited three wedding venues
  • set up a meeting with our videographer
  • been in contact with four different photographers
  • decided on our wedding party
  • picked our color schemes 
  • decided the theme for our wedding

Thankfully, my fiance agrees with everything thus far!
 (and has been pretty incredible and flexible despite having surgery almost two weeks ago)

Here's some inspiration I've found on {Pinterest} thus far. . .
We're going with a classic, yet modern theme... with perhaps some vintage details.

classic black & white
my fiance is jewish, and although we won't be having a traditional jewish wedding, we definitely want to add traditional elements...this is called a chuppah (prounounced "huppah") It essentially symbolizes the coming together of the bride and groom and the new home the couple will build together.
love the black and green details with white flowers.
i love the effortlessly chic look of this bride and groom.
baby's breath details.
black elements for the reception.
this is another jewish tradition, called the Horo (or chair dance) I'm pretty pumped for this,'s awesome.
I cannot wait to marry the love of my life,
and to soon become. . .
Mrs. Cathryn Ross

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