Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Update

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Per usual, the weekend flew by!
Despite the cooler temperatures outside, 
that didn't stop me from taking full advantage before winter hits.

This weekend was a mix of relaxation and friend time.
I did absolutely nothing on Friday night (which was much needed)

Then Saturday day, Andrew, his best friend, and I went to this awesome dog park
 at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis.

Andrew and Dave + our little ones + his huskey + his gf's pup. They were happy pups!
so beautiful during the fall there!
us with the four fur babies :)

Saturday night, I hung out with some amazing friends, 
enjoyed a delicious meal cooked in their new crock pot they got as a wedding present.
played ridiculously hilarious games...
it was a fun time (no photos of this night...opps)

Then on Sunday we did a big tailgating party for the Vikings game.
We played bean bags, grilled lots of food, had a bloody bar, jammed out to awesome tunes...
It was a pretty sweet day!
(And It's great for us because we live just across the street from the stadium
so we can just walk to where all the tailgating takes place.)

A good friend, Kassie, and me :)
Another awesome friend, Jen.
Part of the gang! :)


  1. Looks like a great weekend and a total bonus that you live so close to the stadium! Happy Monday!

  2. It really is a bonus! The downfall is all the traffic afterwards though...oh well! :) Happy TUESDAY!