Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday

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I haven't posted my weekly words of wisdom in awhile.
Here's some words to inspire you on this beautiful fall day.

My man, The Buddha. Sometimes I feel like if I keep "trying" to be happy, I finally will  be.
 But  the only way to truly find happiness is to embrace the journey. 

This resonates with me (just as the first quote does)
Sometimes we're so eager to wish days away , waiting for a "better" day to come along...
but the more you wish for better days...the more you miss out on what's happening right in front of you.
I have no wish to have an ordinary life. 
Life is constantly changing and evolving...and it will never happen the way you imagine it to happen. But that's  life. If we knew all that was in store for us, what would be the point of living?
Words to remember. Digging it deeper isn't going to help...

Things get set into motion for a reason. If I hadn't chosen certain choices, had my heartbroken, or made decisions I regret...I could have never met the love of my life. The past was worth it, because I have him!
I've always been careful what I believe of people, because trusting people's words too easily can leave you in despair. Protect your heart, but love with all your heart. 

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