Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tag! I'm it! Who's next??

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Alicia from {The Seeley Family}, tagged me in a fun Blog Tag! Thanks Alicia!

Seeley Family Blogspot

How it works:
  • Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you
  • Write 11 random things about yourself
  •  Then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged
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My 11 Questions
    1. Favorite Holiday and why? It's such a cliche answer, but I love Christmas. Well...more just the holiday season in general {Technically I celebrate Chrismukkah, because Andrew is Jewish :)} I love the lights, decorations, Christmas trees, Stockings...everything! Life is just a little more festive and jolly during that time of year. And it's always a nice 'break' from the winter blues.

    2. Why do I blog? Mmmmm, good question. Well I guess it goes back to my first blog post...where it's a type of "blogger's therapy." It's very therapeutic to write out my ideas, thoughts, and emotions...and if I inspire someone else, it's for all the better. Plus, I think it'll be fun to look back on everything I blogged about in the years to come!

    3. Music of choice? This is a tough one, because I love all different genres of music. But my go to music is definitely that of Joshua Radin, Matt Nathanson, William Fitzsimmons, Angus and Julia, The Fray, Bedouin Soundclash, John Butler get the point :)

    4. What is your greatest strength? Persistence. I won't stop until I get what I want...and that's in all facets of my life. I know what I want and I fight for it.

    5. Spicy or Sour? I used to not be able to handle spicy foods until a few years ago. Now I love food with a little kick. My favorite is wasabi {for sushi of course}. 

    6.  Where do you see yourself in 2 years? I hope to see myself being a wife and starting a family. I want nothing more in this world.

    7. Dream vacation? When I was younger, I always dreamed of tropical places only...Bora Bora and Australia type places. But now as I get older, I find myself dreaming of traveling through Europe. Ugh...can't I now??

    8. What is your go-to outfit? Skinny dark jeans and a loose fitting button up or t-shirt and heels...similar to my {Picture This Tuesday: Fashion Edition} post.

    9. Favorite movie? This is tough because I am a movie whore. But I'll give you my three all-time favorite movies that have always remained on the top...Liar Liar, My Cousin Vinny, and Independence Day. Random, I know.

    10. When was the last time you had an adrenaline rush? When I went skydiving! As I've mentioned in my previous posts, I have a terrible fear of flying {like...grabbing the hand next to me and squeezing it until it turned purple and fearing every bump is us's awful} But this past summer I was asked to go skydiving...and for some reason I said yes {I was at a strange place in my life} It was the scariest, most terrifying, yet exhilarating and liberating experience I've ever had. The whole thing was a blur, but all I remember was thinking I was either going to pass out or throw up when we stood at the edge of the plane...ready to jump out...thousands of feet up in the air. Once I was safely on the ground, I could not believe what I just did. I had this weird feeling for about an hour after I did it....I guess that's what you call a real adrenaline rush. {I have a video and photos to prove it...maybe for another post?}

    11. Favorite family memory? I can't think of a "one time" event that occurred that goes down as my favorite family memory. Anytime my family and I get together, it's usually a pretty good time! Before about five years ago, my family wasn't so "put together"? {is that the right phrase?} and getting our family together was sometimes volatile. We've always been extremely close and have always been very loving...but let's just say...we were once a lot more dysfunctional. We're still dysfunctional...but we're more a functional, dysfunctional family. Get it? :)

    11 Random Things about Myself

    1. I almost failed the written driver's test, but got only 1 point off on the actual driver's test. I should have gotten zero points off but my driver instructor didn't know the answer. Do you stop once or twice at a four-way stop? She said to stop twice to err on the side of caution. WRONG. {yes I'm still bitter about the situation}
    2. I'm not religious, but I'm spiritual.
    3. I'm technically still not a Minnesota resident even though I've lived here for over seven years {shhhh don't tell the government} It'll happen people.
    4. My mom told me she knew Andrew and I were meant to be together when my initials wouldn't change. Her initials are initials are CLR. She did that on purpose. She told me she was somewhat sad that when I got married our initials would no longer be the same. Well...Andrew's last name starts with an R too. So there you have it. It's all in the name. HA.
    5. I wanted to be a "baby doctor" when I was little. Then I was informed that babies could die. This quickly changed my decision.
    6. I rescued my first animal the other day. Read about Captain Crunch {here}
    7. I'm a serial monogamous.
    8. There's nothing more in life I want than to be a mother.
    9. I'm my own worst enemy. I'm way too critical and hard on myself.
    10.  My mom and I have matching tattoos. She doesn't even have her ears pierced. My mom's the shit.
    11.  I could easily be a vegetarian. I don't eat meat often. And when I do it' s usually chicken or turkey. Not a big red meat fan. Okay...unless it's a giant juicy bacon cheeseburger.

    Your 11 Questions

    1. What song(s) lyrics best describe you/your life?
    2. What is the biggest accomplishment thus far in your life?
    3. You could be any age again, what age would you be?
    4. What's your greatest strength?
    Whats your greatest weakness?
    5.  What goal do you want to accomplish within the next five years?
    6. Why do you blog?
    7. Are you right brain vs. left brain?
    8. What's your biggest fear?
    9. If you could live in any time period, what time period would that be?
    10. What's your favorite quote(s)?
    11. What's your favorite activity?

    And now for my fellow Bloggettes to be tagged...You're it!


    1. Love this! I'll continue the fun next week :)

    2. SO fun to get to know you better. I too am a movie whore, I love My cousin Vinny, have not seen that in such a long time!! Thanks for participating!!!

    3. Thanks!! My Cousin Vinny is SUCH a great movie! :)

    4. Hey Cathryn! Cute blog! I'm new and stopping by from More From Meg. I did the tag too :) I'm with you about meat.. I really don't eat much and if I do it's Chicken. It's just not something I ever crave..I'm a fruits and veggies kinda girl. But love some yummy chicken on a salad! Such a fun post!

    5. Thanks Laurie!! I'll have to check out your blog and follow you! Feel free to follow me if you want! :)