Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shredding the "Gnar" {Lutsen style}

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Wow...what a FANTASTIC weekend!! Andrew and I {along with two other couples} headed up to Lutsen for a weekend getaway. Our weekend was filled with skiing and snowboarding, beer, a birthday celebration, St. Patrick's Day, amazing weather, and of course great company! 

Now, I've only gone downhill skiing two or three times {I think??} in my life. But being somewhat naturally athletic, I always assume I can pick up anything right away. Wellllll that wasn't exactly true. The first run down, I did the classic major fall...both skis went flying...glasses went flying...hat went flying...and didn't feel that good either {ouch!}. But after a couple times down, I did start to pick it up. Now I can't wait to go again! Andrew happens to be a very good skier {he did it in HS} so he loved it as well! We are thinking this is a great new hobby to pick up together! I needed this was amazing! :)

Bestie love :)
Our place for the weekend
Lake Superior gorgeous
Shredding the "gnar" :)
Ready to hit the slopes!
Here we go!
Beautiful rocks on the shore

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Now for some serious rest and relaxation.... :)


  1. aww fun! I'm a snowboarder and we didn't get to go much this year because it didn't get very cold down here. It's such a fun thing to do as a couple! I bet you will be sore if it was your first time in a while haha!

  2. was CRAZY how warm it was! It was probably the last weekend for any skiing or snowboarding. And yes...I'm still super sore haha!