Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Day You Challenge {Day Six: Six Places}

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Today is day six of the 10 Day You Challenge: Six Places. I LOVE traveling and I can't wait to continue to travel...especially to farther away places. For now, here are six places I've traveled thus far. Enjoy :)
1. Ecuador. In 2004, I went to Ecuador for my brother and sister-in-law's wedding {She is originally from there.} It was and still is the only place I've been out of the U.S. {other than Mexico} and it was quite the journey. Not only did I witness my brother marry the love of his life, but we also got to travel to Guayaquil {where the wedding took place}, Salinas {also called Little Miami}, and Quito {the capital of Ecuador.} It was such an amazing trip and a beautiful start to the life of my brother and his family. :)

My brother and sister-in-law on their wedding day :)
Seven years later..outside of the same church they were married in {the family has grown a bit :D}
2. Georgetown. When I went out to Baltimore for my job training, we took a weekend to go to Washington DC. I never thought I'd enjoy it as much as I did. I loved all of Washington DC, but my favorite part was definitely Georgetown. It was a bit pretentious {there's a lot of money there} but it was so beautiful and such a neat area {not to mention...amazing shopping.} I'd probably have never gone there if it wasn't for my job training, but I'm so glad I got to experience it.
Part of Georgetown

3. Boulder/Denver Colorado. I already did a post when I first started my blog about Colorado, but it definitely is one of my favorite places...for all the reasons I posted about {here}. Not only does Colorado have amazing views, fun atmospheres, endless activities to do...but my best friend from the age of five moved there as well! I can't wait for her to move back to MN, but until then, I'll enjoy traveling to visit her. :)

4. Cabo San Lucas. Andrew and his family have been going to Cabo every year around Christmas for over 20 years. Ever since meeting Andrew, I've gone four years now. It's always a great break during the frigid winter. My favorite part is just laying on the beach...closing my eyes...and hearing the ocean tide come crashing into the shore. {Ahhhhh}

Cabo 2008 {Check out the brunette hair!}
The place where we stay...nice to have your own pool and hot tub! 
5. Palm Springs, California. During my sophomore year in college we went to Palm Springs for spring break. One of my good friend's grandparents have a house we thought...why not?? We even made it to LA for a was a blast! :)
sun bathing and reading...the best :)
photo compliments of my best friend, Kelsey {I LOVE palm trees}

6. Minneapolis. Even though I live in's definitely one of my favorite places. Minneapolis is such a wonderful city and I really don't have any desire to move anywhere else {if an opportunity presented itself to move though...I'd consider it.} I love the lakes, the trails, how dog friendly the city is, patio rooftops, and of course...the people. Home sweet Minneapolis.... :)

Walk along the river right next to our condo
Minnehaha Falls
Well there you have it friends...six place that I love! What are YOUR favorite places?? :)


  1. I love your pictures!!! Family session pleaaaaase!
    * We watched our wedding video a few weeks ago, oh my God...Evan and I laughed SO much! Good times, good times.
    *Colorado, beautiful!
    *For some reason, I think we were together when you took that picture of Minnehaha Falls, funny!

  2. YES PLEASE!!!! we definitely need another fam session!! And yes...your wedding...good times!!! :)

  3. Nothin' better than the ocean sounds and smells. :D Great pictures!