Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Looks I'm Loving

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With the weather getting nicer and nicer out, I'm craving going shopping more and more. I used to be a bit of a was a problem. But now that I'm older and more "responsible", I rarely go shopping, and when I do I don't buy much. Well, I'm getting the itch right now. So, instead of going out and spending money I shouldn't spend, I've been doing some internet window shopping to see what looks I'm loving {ahhh who am I kidding...I'll end up going to buy some of these looks} All these looks are taken from my {pintrest}.
1. White on White. I'm loving this look....and not really quite sure why. It's so clean and fresh and just yells springtime! I also love it because it's so can pair it with anything. I'm definitely going to rock some white on white soon!

2. All things Maxi. By far my favorite look right now. I already own quite a few maxi skirts and dresses...but there's always room for more in my closet, right?? RIGHT! Maxi's are so effortless, yet very stylish. Love them. Enough said. 

3. Mix and Match. The old rule of not mix and matching prints, patterns, and colors are over...and I love it. From floral prints to stripes...there are no rules to what you can and can't do anymore. Very excited to start mix and matching for spring!

4. Florals. I never used to be a fan of floral print until recently. It's so feminine and sweet, but it's also very bold. I'm really digging the floral on floral look as well {like the second photo from the left.} Bring on the girly look!

Okay, now I'm definitely going shopping {whoooops}! What are YOUR favorite looks right now? :)


  1. love the second maxi dress and those floral pants. SO cute!

  2. Lovely blog! New follower :D

  3. Thanks! I'll definitely check out your blog! :)