Monday, March 5, 2012

Five Accomplishments/Experiences in Life Thus Far {Linky Party}

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Since I'm always joining in on other blog's linky parties, I thought I'd start my own. 

What are YOUR five accomplishments/experiences in life thus far? :)

 Five Accomplishments/Experiences in Life Thus Far

1. Moving to Minnesota. When I decided to move to Minnesota to go to college, I wasn't sure if I was making the right choice. I applied to a few different schools {some in Wisconsin and some in Minnesota} and was concerned about making the "wrong" choice. Boy, am I sure grateful I made the choice I did! Moving to Minnesota has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life so far!

Photo I took from Gold Medal Park. We live in the grey and maroon condominiums.
2. Getting my Bachelor's Degree at the University of St. Thomas. I wouldn't have ended up in Minnesota if it weren't for me choosing to attend UST. Growing up in my hometown in Wisconsin, there was zero pride for the school because it was literally rotting from under us. It took years even after I graduated for the new school to pass. That being said, going from where I grew up to UST was literally black and white. Not only was UST one of the most beautiful campuses I've ever seen, it was the greatest school. Oh, and I happened to have met some kick ass friends and this one guy....

Tommie Pride!

 3. Living on my own. I've always been one of those people who loves their alone time, but at the same time, doesn't like being alone {does that make sense? :)} I never wanted or thought I'd ever live by myself. The thought itself actually freaked me out. But due to some unfortunate events, I ended up in the situation. I thought I'd absolutely hate it, but it turns out, living by yourself can be very enjoyable. I learned a lot about myself in that year and gained a great deal of independence. I'm very grateful for going through that experience.

4. Buying my first vehicle.  I finally purchased my very first vehicle about six months ago. Though it's not my dream car {I would kill for a Range Rover}, I "settled" for a VW Tiguan. White with beige leather interior, panoramic sunroof, XM radio, heated seats {a must in Minnesota winters} the whole deal. Although I don't enjoy the monthly payments, it's sure fun to cruise around in!

My new ride!
5. Getting my job and traveling by myself for three weeks. After graduating college, I struggled to find where I fit into the "working world." I graduated with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communcation with a concentration in Advertising, and a minor in Communication Studies. I knew I wanted to do "something" in Advertising, but wasn't sure what exactly. Finally after a few years of trying to find myself, I got the job I now have as an Account Executive for the CW Twin Cities. I fought so unbelievably hard for this job and couldn't have been happier for getting the opportunity. Not only did I get the job, I was informed that I would travel to Baltimore, Maryland where I would train for three weeks before starting in Minnesota. If it weren't for me living on my own for awhile, I don't think I would have ever thought I could do it. I like my space, my people, my comfort. I was so anxious, nervous, and excited all at the same time to travel to an unknown place with complete strangers {and flying by myself....have I mentioned I have the biggest fear of flying??} When the three weeks were up, I couldn't believe how quickly the time flew by! I met some of the most amazing people there and couldn't have been more grateful for the experience!

The whole training group. They're all so amazing!


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  2. Love this! You have accomplished so much and you should be proud Cat! love you! -Mag

  3. Thanks Maggie!! I love you too! :)