Monday, March 12, 2012

Ten Day You Challenge {Day 1: One Picture of Yourself}

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I found this fun blog challenge from {A Crazy Walk on the Safe Side} and thought I'd join in! 

Day 1: One picture of Yourself. So without further ado...

This photo is of me sans makeup and with my natural curl. I find it important to be content with who you are without all the millions of beauty products we have so conveniently available for us. Yes, I wear makeup, do my hair, and try to look as "nice" as I can....but I also know there's a fine line to enhancing your beauty versus completely changing it. I've always worn very neutral makeup with a nice golden eyeshadow and mascara...and no eyeliner, ever. Check out my post on my {10 favorite beauty products} to see what I use. I've always wanted to wear my makeup...not the other way around. I've known people throughout my life that look like completely different people without makeup. I personally don't want the same reaction about myself. I of course have insecurities sometimes, but when it comes to me with or without makeup's still just me. I may as well get used to it, right? 

Join in on the Ten Day You Challenge and stay tuned for day two through ten! :)

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