Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Funday in the Park

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Happy Sunday evening!

Today we met up with Andrew's best friend and his dog to enjoy some of the sunshine! One of the best things about where we live is there's a huge park right across the street. Living in downtown Minneapolis, we are very fortunate to have such open spaces for the pups to run around!

{{Here's some photos of our puppy play date! :)}}

hanging out in the park :)
it was a little bright for zo zo haha
Bella being her "crazy rabid squirrel" self haha
Dave and his big boy Mavrik :)
running up the hill with daddy :)
the view from the top of the park {our home is the grey and red building :)}
Dave rides his long board and Mav just runs after him {necessary exercise for a husky!}

{{Enjoy the rest of the evening}}


  1. I could live in the cities, as long as there are parks as big as this. It is great to spend time on greens close to your home :)

  2. I love puppy dates! Aren't they the sweetest?! ;) xo

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