Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Confessional {Linky Party}

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Hi friends! Sorry for being quiet all weekend... I really didn't have much time to get on here! It's nice though when you're "too busy" to be on the computer, because you're spending quality time with your awesome friends and your sweet other half. Well today I'm going to join a new linky party called Monday Confessional from {New on U}

1. I confess our place is an absolute mess right now and I'm having really bad anxiety about it. I feel sooooo much better when things are in order!

2. I confess I'm so unhappy with my body right now. I could give excuse after excuse, but it's simply been being lazy and not eating or exercising enough {THIS is going to change!!} 

3. I confess I spent wayyyy too much money this week. Between getting my hair colored, shopping, and going out to dinners and having drinks... but a woman's gotta treat herself sometimes, right?? {stay tuned for some new fashion photos!}

4. I confess I'm still struggling to be content and happy in each present moment, but I'm working towards finding it {living in the past or future is really no where to be.) 

5. I confess I had one of the best weekends with Andrew in awhile. We've been really busy every weekend with other things that we haven't been able to spend quality time together {we're together all week...but it's just not the same} Six years and he still can make my heart flutter {corny I know.}
Heading to dinner with friends on Saturday night :)
Well there you have it! What confessions do YOU have?? Happy start to a fresh new week! Make it a great one! :)


  1. That's so sweet! I've been with my boy 7 years and he still makes me feel that way too! Great picture of you guys!

  2. Wow... six years already?! We are getting old! ;) I'm going on 5 years of marriage! :) But I confess.... I am not happy with my body yet either {but I'm slowly fixing that and I WILL run in a 5K and/or 10K before this year is over! :D }
    P.S. I love the confessions... cute idea.