Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Picture This Tuesday {Silly Pups Edition}

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As you've probably figured out, I'm pretty much obsessed with my dogs. They are seriously the sweetest, most lovable little beings. For this week's Picture This Tuesday, I thought I'd do a silly pups edition. Hopefully they'll put a smile on your face...because they sure do for me! {Note the cameo of my nephew, Mr. Dashel...aka my best friend's pup!}

once bell got used to zo zo...she let her get away with everything haha 
sleeping with her tongue out :)
just hanging out on her sis
my nephew, dashel...love him!!! :)
Dash is also Zo Zo's boyfriend :)
See?? :)
holding hands with my sista 
standing up in the passenger seat. nbd.
sisters for life :)
Well there you have it friends! {And yes, I know I take WAY too many photos of my dogs} 


  1. SO. CUTE. I just want to squeeze them! I need a puppy...

  2. I am in love with your dogs! so cute!

  3. How does one follow you on blogspot?

  4. Thanks!!! And Robin, you should!!! They are so amazing!! :)

  5. OMG I love these - you should put the dentures commercial in too!! lol that one literally made me pee my pants. God, I forgot how much Dash and Zo love to make out... that's my boy! ;)

  6. I love the one of Dash and Zo Zo kissing... soo cute!! You can never take to many of these pictures! :D