Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week Through Photos

Pin It I can't believe it's Sunday already?? Where does the time go? 

{{I hope you all had a wonderful week and weekend!}}

Last Sunday, there was  storms rolling in. I took this off of our balcony....kind of creepy, isn't it?
I've always loved tea, but I've been craving it a lot again lately. My go-to is Jasmine Green Tea with a fresh squeezed lemon. Yum...
My sister-in-law sent this photo of my niece, Isabella, painting...I MISS HER SO MUCH!
The girls enjoying some's one of their favorite things to do :)
My friend Lou and I went out for Bloodies one day :)
There's always love for my baby :)
We joined a softball league with some friends and had our first game!  You're looking at the 1st baseman {Andrew} and the 2nd baseman {me} :)
Game on!

{{Happy Sunday! Make it a great day!!}}

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