Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spot Me Out

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A couple weeks ago I came home with some fun new pants I got and was super pumped! Unfortunately Andrew felt differently. He calls them "grandma pants"...but I love them. So guess, what? I'm wearing them! I think it's always fun to mix up your wardrobe and take risks from time to time. {note: please ignore the messy background...we're in the middle of unpacking boxes.}

(heartbreakers: shoes, jacket, jewelry..forever 21:

Well there you have it! Some fun new fashion for the week! Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. i love 'em.. nothing grandma about them :)

  2. LOVE your pants! And the shoes? I want :)
    My hubs makes fun of half of my wardrobe... what does he even know? Ha ha!

  3. Those shoes are fab! I could never pull off pants like that but they look great on you.