Monday, February 27, 2012

Proud {Dog} Mommy of Two

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I've always been extremely maternal...having this strong desire to care and provide for others. I also have always known that I wanted to be a mother. I truly believe I was put on this earth to have children and be the very best mother I could possibly be. And this desire to nuture began very early on. Though, I can't wait to have children of my own in the near future, I'm happily content being the best dog mommy to my two perfect little pooches, Bella and Zoë To say I'm obsessed with them is putting it midly. They are my babies, and I would do anything for them! Some people may not get the love I have for my dogs, but honestly, I could care less. 

Growing up we always had dogs. My infatuation with them grew very early on. How was it possible for an animal to act so human? I remember when my mother had her first brain surgery, how Bay (our Chesapeake Bay Retriever...the first dog I ever remember) began to follow my mother everywhere...making sure she kept her balance, and was next to her anytime she stumbled. As I continued to grow older, I began to lean on our dogs as a sense of comfort and security...knowing that no matter what, all they wanted was to be loved.

When I left for college, it was a strange void to not have a dog around. I missed that sense of comfort. It took me less than a year to bring home Miss Bella. I went with a friend and Andrew to pick her up. From the moment I layed eyes on her I knew she was for me. She was the cutest, tiniest, sweetest little thing I ever saw (I started crying seeing her for the first time...yes I'm an emotional sap) I named her Bella, because I couldn't stop thinking just how beautiful she was. She instantly became my little cuddle bug, going everywhere with me. People were reluctant with me getting a dog as a Sophomore in college, but I knew the responsibilities that went along with owning a dog...and she was well worth any sacrifice.

within the first few weeks of getting Bella
Fast foward a couple years later and I started getting the itch to get a sister for Bella. I always grew up with multiple dogs and loved the campanionship they were able to share. From the moment I saw Zoë's puppy picture online, I knew she was the one. Andrew, his sister, and I drove almost to Missouri, which was about five hours away... one way (it was well worth the trip)  Andrew and I had gone to look at some other puppies a few weeks before...but despite how adorable they were...none of them felt "right". Zoë was right. Once again when I saw her for the first time, I started to cry. She was this tiny, yet super chubby adorable ball of fur. And boy did she have so much personality. She was the perfect fit to our little family.

the photo that won me over
I couldn't be more in love with my girls. They bring me such joy every single day I wake up. Though, I can't wait to be a real mommy someday...I couldn't be more happy being Bell and Zo Zo's dog mommy. :)

sleeping with daddy

cuddles for daddy from zo zo 

and bella boo too
zo zo baby