Monday, February 6, 2012

A little Thing Called Perspective

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I have always been someone with a vast imagination...for thinking big...and dreaming even bigger. Even as a little girl, I remember going for walks by myself and letting my mind just wander. I used to sit and close my eyes and dream about what my life would look like when I "grew up". As a child, dreaming big was always encouraged....fantasizing about the dream job I would have (I wanted to be an actress) dreaming of my future husband (Leonardo DiCaprio...duh, Titanic anyone?) or the fantasy of traveling or moving to some far off country. 

We all dreamed big as children (or at least I hope so) but for me...the dreaming never really went away. I've found myself sometimes living in this world that life can be a dream....that at any moment something extraordinary could happen in my very ordinary life. Maybe I'll somehow be able to quit work and travel to Bali, Thailand, and India and focus on just finding myself...or maybe my mom will finally win the lottery (I wonder where I get my imagination from :) ) or, like a cliche movie plot...everything will just finally come together. 

With big dreams, comes big expectations....and we all know what that leads to...DISAPPOINTMENT. I've come to realize a little more everyday how deadly expectations can be. Expectations are tricky though...because they aren't all bad. And when you see other people getting what you "expect" ask yourself..."why don't I have that?" "what am I doing wrong that my expectations are so far off?" The fact is,

"no one is living the life you think they are..."

The best remedy I've come up with is this little thing called perspective. It's human nature to expect and compare to things we don't have (tangible and intangible) but it's up to us how to react to it. I may not have the life I "dream" of...but this much I know is true. I have a great job that I'm fortunate to have in this economy, family and friends that are truly one of a kind people, two of the sweetest most loving dogs, and a man who sticks by my side through hell and high water. That's all the perspective I need sometimes. 

What puts life into perspective for YOU?

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