Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Fifty List (Week One)

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Recently I was discussing with someone about a project they did years ago when they were in grad school. They were told to make a list of 50 things that included anything they love doing/want to do/scared to do but want to over come etc. At first I thought this sounded like a normal "bucket list" until she explained to me the real purpose of making one. She told me how she has kept her list for over 30 years and will go back to it again and again to remind herself of all the things that make her the happiest. She will then take the same items from the list and do those things when she's having a bad day, lonely, or just wanting to do something she loves doing! This gave me the inspiration to make my own fifty list. 

Every week from now on I will add five items to My Fifty List. I was told that 50 seems like an impossible number (which it does) but she told me that if you add a little bit over time, you'd be surprised by how many you can add (she now has 74!)
Stay tuned for more next week.... :)

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