Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Five Mistakes You've Learned A lot From (Linky Party)

Pin It I decided to join {Moments That Define Life} linky party, {listable life} again, because I had so much fun doing one on {Five Reasons Traveling to Colorado is a Must}. This week's linky party I'm going to do is Five Mistakes You've Learned A lot From. The "mistakes" I've made throughout my life aren't necessarily things I regret or something I did or didn't do...but rather lessons learned throughout the hard times in my life. 

Five {Mistakes} I've Learned A lot From

One. Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none
William Shakespeare said this of course. And it's the simple truth. Growing up I trusted nearly everyone...with my name it. Because they would be loyal, sincere and never betray my trust, right? WRONG! The hard truth is, human beings can be mean, vicious, and sometimes plain evil. As I grew up, I discovered the meaning of true...and I mean true, unconditional friendship. But that didn't come without a price unfortunately. I don't look back though and "regret" the events that led me to the friendship I still share to this day. I've learned you really should love all (be kind, understanding, and sensitive), but really only trust a small few that you know truly has your best intentions at heart. I'm so blessed to have found my forever even since the age of five. :)

Two. Everything Does Happen For a Reason
We've all experienced heartbreak in one way or the other, however minor or major it may have been. I happened to have experienced the can't sleep, heart-wrenching, my life is over type of a heartbreak. It was quite certainty the closest I've ever felt to losing a very close loved one. That being said, I'm very grateful for the experience I went through. It gave me such perspective into what I did and didn't want in a person and made me realize that some people really aren't meant to be together. Everyone deserves to find their match and I'm so blessed to have found mine. My experience led me to the man of my dreams who I've been in love with for over six years now. I believe my life happened in such a precise series of events that led me directly to the right person.

Three. Live in the moment
I've always been guilty of having a difficult time with just living in the moment. I've always been someone to be so concerned with the past, or too focused on the future. It's been (and still is) something I've been striving to work towards. Just be. It's easier said than done though, right? I continue to try everyday to achieve this contentment, because it's really a mistake to do otherwise. It's really no way to the past or the future. What matters is NOW.

Four. The Grass is Greener, But Just as Hard to Mow
This phrase comes from one of my favorite songs, Better Than by John Butler Trio..and it couldn't be more true. At times throughout my life, I've thought to myself...if I just had that...or if I just lived that life, everything would be so much better. But the truth is, the grass may be greener, but it's just as hard to mow.

Five. Shit happens.
Sometimes in life, you just have to accept that shit happens. There may not be some big explanation or lesson to be taken from an unfortunate event or time in your just simply sucks, and you have to move past it. This is something I've began to really work towards over the past few years...letting go of the "shit", and just getting over it! Because let's be honest, somethings and/or people just aren't worth your energy.

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