Friday, February 3, 2012

A Mental Vacation

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Everyone needs vacations. I know I sure do! Most of the time I dream of traveling to some hot and exotic place (especially during Minnesota winters) and laying on the beach. But today isn't one of those days. Today is one of the days where I wish mental vacations were possible. Vacations, after all, are really just attempts to actually shut your brain off from reality and "get away", right? But unfortunately the human mind doesn't like to let you off the hook that easily. 

I have one of those minds that just keeps thinking...and thinking...and thinking....well you get the point. "Shutting" off my mind is nearly impossible. I also have the privilege of having what I call "obsessive thoughts" where no matter how much I tell myself "stop thinking about that!" the thought just sits there laughing and mocking me. Oh silly thoughts. 

Unfortunately since mental vacations aren't real nor will they are truly be, I've found a few ways that helps my mind relax a bit. One way that helps clear my thoughts is listening to Buddhist chants and focusing on "ridding" myself of negative thoughts. I'm in a sense, attempting to meditate, but unfortunately, I'm a long way off to mastering that art. Another way that helps is doing yoga. Yoga really helps me keep my focus on each individual pose, allowing my mind to be freed of other thoughts. Yoga is so far the closest I've ever come to a real "mental vacation". 

What do YOU do to give yourself a "mental vacation"?