Monday, February 20, 2012

{Ten} Can't Live Without Beauty Products

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We all have our favorite beauty products that we swear by...that we wouldn't know what to do without them. I have been using some of my favorite products for over 15 years, and some as recent as a few months. I thought it would be fun to share my favorite products that I use on a daily (or nearly) daily basis.

 10 Can't Live Without Beauty Products

one. Lip Ivo Original Lip Balm. Seriously the best chap stick ever. Lip Ivo was the first chap stick I've ever used (probably around age 10) and have been using it ever since. You'll never find me without one in my purse. It's a product must. 

 two. MoroccanOil Treatment. Amazing. While most serums work as a way to just make your hair just look shiny, soft, and healthy...MoroccanOil works to repair and nourish it as well. It's a little more pricy than your average serum, but it lasts a long time because you don't need to use much!

 three. L'Oréal Paris Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara. Fortunately, I have naturally long eyelashes, so my goal is to make them look as thick as I can. L'Oréal Paris Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara has become my go-to to help thicken my lashes up. It's also is great because it's cheap and can be found nearly anywhere!

4. Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection in Natural Eye. This is my most recent beauty product that I've added to my collection. I've been a huge MAC eyeshadow fan for years, but decided to mix it up a bit. It's great because you get nine different shades in one compact, so you can mix and match colors a lot better! Definitely a favorite addition. 

5. Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup. I've switched up my mineral makeup a couple of times throughout the past few years and decided to finally go back to Bare Escentuals. It's a nice natural looking makeup that isn't too high in price.

6. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Redness Soothing Gentle Scrub. Face wash...ugh...what a challenge. I used to have nearly perfect skin my whole life until the middle of college. I guess it's common for women to go through different hormonal changes, causing your skin to change as well. I've tried almost everything, and the one thing that has seemed to help is this product. If I needed to, I would spend more money on face wash, but luckily this seems to do the trick!

7. Tea Tree Oil. A miracle oil. When I was struggling with figuring out what was best to use on my face, my mom brought Tea Tree Oil to my attention. I now use it everyday. Tea Tree Oil works as a natural astringent that helps rid your face of dirt and excessive oil. For your face, use a cotton ball and use about 1/4 of Tea Tree Oil and about 3/4 water. 

8.  Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil. I just recently started using a brow pencil to help fill in the sparse areas on my brows. Anastasia Perfect Brow is a great pencil if you are wanting to achieve a very natural look.

9. Eye drops. I think I started using eye drops everyday sometime in college. And now it's turned into an addiction. I hate having the feeling of dry eyes and hate it even more to have any redness in my eyes. I don't go anywhere without having my trusty eye drops.

10. Jane Iredale Facial Blotting Paper. The best. Ever since getting problematic skin, I also was lucky (insert sarcasm) to start getting oily skin. Oil blotters have now become my new best friend. I've been using different ones for a few years now, but am now addicted to Jane Iredale (thanks to one of my dear friend's for getting them for my birthday this year!) They work unbelievably well at ridding oil from my face.

And there we have it folks! What are your beauty products that YOU can't live without?

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  1. Your brother can't live without LipIvo! I order dozens at the time for him!
    I love bareminerals.
    I tried tea tree/water as a cleaner and really like it. Thanks for the tip!