Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sh*t Happens

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Bad news never comes at a good time. I don't think anyone goes through their life thinking "now is a good time...I can take it!" Life's trials and tribulations do happen for a reason, whether to teach us or to toughen us. We've all heard the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Why yes, of course this is true... but sometimes don't you feel like yelling "OKAY...I'M STRONG ENOUGH!" We've also all heard the saying, "kick me while I'm down"...kind of the feeling like, the knife is already in...and then you have to go ahead and twist it? 

So, how do you deal with bad news? Honestly, I'm not one to have the "right" answer nor am I one to judge how one deals with bad news. But from witnessing others and myself, I tend to see people dealing with bad news in one of three ways (usually a combination of all three)

First, shit happens. IT DOES. You could search the entire planet and not find a single person who hasn't dealt with bad news in some form or another. It happens to EVERYONE. And sometimes, you just have to accept that it's part of life...plain and simple. Second, the end all. Sometimes bad news (or multiple layers deep of bad news) comes and it seems near impossible to begin to dig yourself out of it all. This goes back to my "kick me while I'm down" feeling...where you feel like saying "really? no REALLY?" Third, have a little faith. Accepting that, yes, it's bad right now...but eventually it WILL get better. Life tends to sort itself out in a way, but you have to allow it to. It's up to us to believe that regardless of what's going on in our lives...we have to begin to dig through the layers and keep the faith that it'll all be a-okay. 

Or sometimes, we all just need to accept that....

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