Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Question Friday

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 {I'm just a tad bit happy about this...}

Today I'm linking up to {Five Crooked Halos} Five Question Friday..

1. What's your favorite childhood snack that you still eat as an adult?
It's not really a "snack" technically...but Mac N' Cheese with cut up hot dogs. {if you've never heard of this/tried're probably thinking this sounds disgusting...if you have heard of this/tried're thinking you need to go make this right now! :)}


2. What food will you not eat the low fat version of?
Cheese!100% will not eat it. I guess props to Wisconsin for providing me with my cheese loyalty..haha.

3. What's your favorite way to cool off during the summer?
A delicious cool adult beverage and a beach or pool. Ahhh :)

4. What's your favorite summer read?
Whatever book I'm getting sucked into at that time...or magazines! I'm such a sucker for celebrity gossip and fashion mags. It's definitely one my big guilty pleasure!


5. What are you doing to stay cool in this awful heat?
Thankfully I work inside during the day...and then I get to go home to central air conditioning. I lived without central air for 22 years...and I have to's such a luxury to have! So ultimately I only have to endure the heat when I want to...which I do...because I love summer.

Join in the fun and link up to Five Question Friday if you want!
Well, I'm off to softball tonight...
the first game of the new league..wish us luck! :)

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