Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where Did the Weekend Go?

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Per usual, this weekend flew by...
which is surprising, considering Andrew was gone for the second weekend in a row... {ugh}
but I was busy busy with sports, family, and friends! 

Here's what I've been up to.... :)

Friday night was softball. Unfortunately we We've been undefeated until that game. I'm not sure what happened, but we failed...epically. Regardless, it was still a lot of fun! Afterwards, I went out with friends to a rooftop bar in downtown Minneapolis. We drank, danced, and laughed. It was a good time!

go team go!
we not only bring beer to the is also provided. awesome, right?
my boyfriend's best friends...super proud. aren't they lovely? ;)
andrew's best friend's pup {the guy above on the right} mav is the man!!
jeff and i pre-bar.
christy and i {the lucky man above's gf} :)
jen and i ...cabbie pics of course. 
Then on Saturday, I went to the mall with my best friend to find her a dress for her Bridal Shower that's coming up next weekend! After that, I met up with my parents who were in town for my brother's 33rd birthday {Happy birthday bro...I love you!!!} 

caribou with my parentals :)
my momma and the girls hanging out at my place. they LOVE their grandma :)
all ready for dinner with my beautiful mamasita!
i LOVE my papa!
my beautiful children :)
Today consisted of a lot of cleaning and organizing the condo. I then went to grab some apps with my best friend, Anastasia, before I went to the airport to get ANDREW! :)

our kitchen spic and span!
zo zo wanted to make an appearance ha
bathroom clean. CHECK!
throwback photo of andrew and i...always BELIEVE IN FOREVER :)
I couldn't be happier that Andrew is back! 
There's definitely certain times that I miss him more than usual...
and this weekend was one of them! 
We took the girls for a walk {who were beyond excited their daddy was back!}
then ordered sushi take-out, 
and are now watching the Olympics {while I blog of course}

I'm a happy woman :)
park time!
my family :)

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