Monday, July 23, 2012

My Super Low Key Weekend

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I had by far the most low key weekend in months...
I loved and hated it at the same time.
Andrew was away on his annual "guys trip" 
and all my friends were either gone or busy {it always gets that way in the summer}

Friday night I had softball again {a double header}

Andrew was happy to hear that we won both games and are undefeated!! 
Softball is always a blast, but playing really well and winning really sweetens the deal!

The rest of the weekend consisted of a lot of snuggling with my girls, getting my hair done, walks, reading, and relaxing. {I did end up meeting up with a girlfriend and got some bloodies at one point...yummy!}

walking with my girls. i love my backyard :)
bella putting herself to sleep, per usual. i also tried to get her to help with such luck!
enjoyed some delicious popcorn and a movie with my babies :)

It was great having me time, but I definitely missed Andrew.
We're really each other's best friends...
or as he put it last night,
"we're each other's companions." 

Last night we made tacos and snuggled with the girls...

bella was really happy to have her daddy back :)

Well, until The Bachelorette Finale started...
in which I proceeded to stare at the tv for 3 hours, 
crying throughout most {I'm such a hopeless romantic!}

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