Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday

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happy wednesday...
i'm exhausted, 
but before i call it a day,
i thought i'd share some words of wisdom that has inspired me this week :)

one of my new favorite quotes...because this is so me. my heart constantly craves whatever it wants.
i'm blessed to have found someone who knows me...all of me...and loves me all the same.
although i don't have kids yet, this is a great reminder....i need to emulate who i want my kids to become :)
resentment is ugly...and it's something i've had to work on my whole life. thankfully, i've been able to let go a lot of it as i've gotten older. 
i'm such a believer in this.
andrew would appreciate this quote, because let's be honest, sometimes i'm just utterly ridiculous {i can't help that i'm such a passionate person ;)}

have a beautiful night.

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