Wednesday, May 23, 2012

7 Questions Link Up

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Linking up again to {Gentri Lee's 7 Questions!}

Funny photo:

{this is what happens when my friends and I try on bridesmaid dresses for my best friend's wedding this fall haha}

1. What's your favorite style for home decor? (eclectic, modern, shabby chic, etc.)I definitely love modern, but I also like it to be "home-y" and comfortable as well. Here's some photos of looks I love from my {pintrest} board.

2. What is the best trip you have EVER been on?The best trip I've been on so far is the last trip I took to Colorado {last spring}. I already talked about it once {here.}

3. If you could have an exotic pet, what would it be and why?

A monkey for sure! Although I don't think I'd really like the whole throwing of poop and ripping people's faces off...mmmmm...
4. Do you snore? (you can be honest, we're all friends here.)Me...snore? NEVER! HA! No, of course I do sometimes...when I'm sick or sleeping really really hard. But Andrew says it's not bad. He on the other hand {with all of his allergies} is awful. I usually just smack him in the middle of the night and he stops {kidding...kind of.}

5. Your car breaks down on the side of the road, what do you do?Call Andrew or my best friend to come help!

6. What's one item that has been on your wishlist lately?
This goes back to question #1. We still need some furniture/home decor for our condo. Next purchases will be a nice dining table and patio furniture.
7. It's almost Summer (or winter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere), what are you looking forward to most? 
I'm super excited about this summer/fall because my two very best friend's are getting married in September and I'm blessed to be both their Maid of Honors. I can't wait for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and then of course their big days!!

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  1. haha. what? you don't like ripping people's faces off? sooo funny. great pins too!