Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Letters

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my pig and hot dog for Halloween :)

Dear fiance, oh my gosh...I get to call you my FIANCE! How cool is that?? Dear Bella and Zoë, you guys rocked your Halloween costumes like whoa! Well done you two. Dear money (or lack-thereof), I'm trying to plan a wedding, so it would be really nice if there was more of you. Dear Minnesota cold, I know that it's now November, but I'm really not ready for this cold weather! Dear home sweet home, due to the craziness of the past couple of weeks, it would be totally awesome if you learned to clean yourself. Just sayin'. Dear friends, Happy Hour was great yesterday. I am always in awe of how truly blessed I am to have such amazing and kick ass friends. Dear fiance, have I mentioned how excited I am to be marrying you? :)  


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  1. Omg a weiner dog as a weiner how hilarious! So adorable. How exciting that you get to call your fiance "fiance" I am still waiting for me chance -_- Oh and once you find where you can get a lot of money let me know! lol

    xoxo Yesi <3