Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm in Miami Trick {Bachelorette Edition II}

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What a whirl-wind it has been! 
I just got back from Miami for yet another Bachelorette Party...
I feel like such a seasoned traveler at this point.

Vegas two weeks ago...
Miami this past weekend.
But I survived!

Miami was a BLAST {obviously}
We stayed at an incredible place at the Fontainebleau Miami...
Got delicious free dinners and free VIP Bottle Service...
Amazing views, palm trees, the ocean...
I could go on and on! 

Here's some photos I took on my phone {I've yet to get to the photos on my camera!} 

Of course I had to do some more shopping for Miami. Whoops!
One of the three balcony views we had!
Walking to the beach. So beautiful.
I absolutely LOVE the ocean. Even though I've never lived near one, it feels like 'home'. There's something so calming and peaceful about it...
The beautiful soon to be Mrs. Schmitz!! My best friend/sister/soulmate! We are going on our 21 year anniversary! Yup, that's right. :)
The original Charlie's Angels! Besties for life!! :)
The whole group! Such beautiful girls, both inside & out!
Of course I missed Andrew and the girls, but they had a blast visiting their Grandparents (aka Andrew's parents)  
And I did a little Face Time with Andrew and Zo Zo. She was so confused, poor thing! :)
Monday, I spent all day with Andrew and the girls...
We did some park time, grilling out, and a lot of cuddling on the couch.

This month will be so incredible,
witnessing my best friend since the age of five,
go from a Miss to a Mrs. 
Bring on the tears! :)


  1. You girls are GORGEOUS! What a FUN trip! I'm dying to go there! The ocean looks beautiful! Okay... it ALL looks beautiful, ha ha :)

  2. Its so funny because I am from Miami! I was two hotels away from you this weekend. I was at the alexander & eden rok! I love when people tell me that they love miami because it makes me feel so proud of my city. Its funny also because I live where most people go to Vacation! I'm glad you had fun on your trip! & I can tell you had a blast in the bachelorette party!

  3. Looks like fun! What a gorgeous group of ladies!! I love a good girls trip but it is hard to leave the honey and the pups behind.