Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Anti Valentine's Day Woman

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No, I'm not single.
Nor bitter.
Nor an anti-love person.
I'm a very happy in love,
soon to be wife,
to a man I've been in love with for over 7 years.
But, honestly, I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day.
Ever since I can remember, Valentine's Day was a day where the single were miserable or the committed were let down due to high expecations, or the pressure to outdue everyone was beyond exhausting.
Now, due to social media, it's become one day of bragging right...
who got the best flowers
who got the best jewelry
who has the sweetest hubby
So and and so forth...
It's just become so flat out unnecessary.
LOVE is not a competition people!
Why do we need one made up holiday to tell the person in your life how much you love them?
Shouldn't this be going on year round?
I digress...

However, that being said...
I think Valentine's Day could and should be used as a time to let the people you love most in the world just how important they are.

A simple
I love you...
you mean the world to me
or you're my life.

Or maybe
an extra long hug...
major cuddle time on the couch
or a long and classic teenage makeout sesh.

Because, let me tell you...
I'm very much looking forward to doing all 6 above with my future husband tonight!


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