Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reboot Your Life Juice Cleanse

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About three weeks ago (whoops, a little behind in posting about this)
I did a juice cleanse, called Reboot Your Life. Check it out here.

I've always wanted to do a cleanse before, but I never knew where to start.
Search "juice cleanse" on google and the amount of information is beyond overwhelming.
The reason why I choose to do Reboot Your Life is, because multiple members of my family had already done a juice cleanse and had nothing but the best things to say.
My brother was the first to try it out to 
see if it could help his migraines actually (which it did.) 

Reboot Your Life juice cleanses have multiple different plans depending on what you're looking to invest during the cleanse. I decided to do just the 3 day cleanse, because I did it right before The Holiday's (and let's be honest, I wasn't going to pass up holiday food.) 

So, how do you start? First off, the website does an amazing job of walking you through exactly what you need and how to use it (I went there multiple times throughout my 3 day cleanse) Ultimately though, the first thing you need (if you don't already have one) is a juicer - which can be a bit pricey. Luckily my mom has a juicer, so I just borrowed it from her. 

Then, it's off to the grocery store. It's important to try get all organic (if you can) because it will add better flavor to your juices. You can print off the list of everything you need directly from the website.

The 3 days of groceries!

Then, you start juicing! 

Pre-juiced veggies/fruits. This one is called Gazpacho Juice.

What the Gazpacho Juice looks like after it's juiced. This was my second favorite juice.

So, how did I like it? Well, I didn't exactly "like" the juices (my favorite though, was the Carrot Apple Ginger Juice - although I'm not a big fan of ginger so I left it out.)

The first two days I had a pretty bad headache due to all the toxins being released from my body, 
but other than that, I didn't suffer from any real "hunger pains" or anything.

However, I did suffer from eating solid foods, so I did "cheat" a bit and eat some raw vegetables and fruits that were part of the juice cleanse.
 I really needed that chewing sensation (okay, that just sounds weird!) 
After doing some more research on the Reboot Your Life plans, there are actually plans that allows you to eat some solid foods (which I will be doing when I do this again.)

Overall, I felt like I had more energy after the 3 days and I definitely felt less bloated and "heavy." I don't really think I lost any weight per say, but it was only 3 days after all. I'm really excited to do another longer cleanse real soon! 

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