Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Blogger's Therapy?

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I sometimes ask myself, why do people blog? Is it a way to showcase a person's particular talent or skill? Or perhaps is it a way to stay in touch with family and friends. Whatever it may be for each individual, I think blogging is a fascinating concept. People send out personal ideas/concepts/inspirations to the entire Internet without thinking twice about it. So again, I ask myself, why do people blog? I've asked myself this many times before deciding to go ahead with my own (for probably the 4th time). On paper, I'm your 'cliche' outgoing, friendly, sociable woman who pretty much wears everything on her sleeve. But on a contrary, behind closed doors I'm a much more of a 'keep-to-herself', even closed off at times women who likes to keep things to herself. So why blog? I guess I'm still asking myself that question as I type. The best answer I think I can come up with is that it's somewhat of a "blogger's therapy". Writing is very therapeutic. It's somewhat cleansing to get everything (or at least something) off your mind and written down on a page. I'm what you'd call one of those "widely imaginative people" with a limitless passion for all things creative. While this blog is in a sense, just for me, I hope anyone who reads this will find some inspiration from what I will share from here on out.


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  2. Love, love, love. You have an authentic and relatable tone in your writing and I can't wait to read more. Get it, girl! xoxo