Monday, June 3, 2013

When life hands you lemons, you paint that shit gold!

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As it's been evident with my lack of blog posts, my inspiration level has plummeted to near extinction. I tell myself - I love blogging, I enjoy blogging, It's therapeutic to blog...but for me, I can't force myself to blog just because I should. That being said, I'm going to try hold myself accountable with keeping up with it, because I know ultimately it's extremely beneficial for me. I suppose my thought process is, "fake it until you make it" they say. So, while my inspiration is still running on empty, I sought out the advice of my co-worker {Shout out Nick!} on what I should blog about today. The response I got from him was simply....

When life hands you lemons, you paint that shit gold! 
Boom! He nailed it. My creative juices started to flow again. First off, let's be honest here....what a hilarious saying, right? I mean, how can you not chuckle just a little bit. Also, let me be clear - lemons are seriously the greatest fruit ever. So, if life literally handed me lemons, I'd make lemon water...because it's the greatest drink ever.
Anyway, I digress. After I repeated the phrase over and over a few times, it really did get me thinking about the real meaning of it all. Where there's darkness, there will be lightness. Where's there's bad, there will be good. It's a ying and yang sort of thing. When life does throw us curve balls {as it so often seems to do}, there's always...and I mean always something good that will eventually come out of it. We just have to be receptive and open enough to receive it. I think that's the problem often times, that we get become so wrapped up in the negative that we can't allow the positive to come through. I've always found it fascinating how, although focusing on the negative only makes us feel worse, we somehow seem to find it "easier" than focusing on the positive.

So the next time you start focusing on all the negatives in life - take a step back and challenge yourself to turn it around....and paint that shit gold!

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  1. I think I need that to be on my computer background. Paint that shit gold. Love it!